The Herringbone collection from Swiss Hardwoods is a reproduction of a centuries-old classic design that can trace its roots back as far as the ancient Egyptians, the Roman Empire also favoured this geometrically pleasing design for laying many of their roads and thoroughfares due to its stability and strength, the first known wooden flooring installation of this type was not until the mid-16th century, to this day many original Herringbone floors can still be found in castles and Châteaux’s all over Europe. It is no wonder that this stunning design has fallen back in favour with many of the world`s top interior designers, with sharp clean lines and the use of two or three colours Herringbone can create a real masterpiece on your floor. To maximise the true beauty of the Herringbone design Swiss Hardwoods has produced 16 unique colour-ways that are both sympathetic to classical, and up to date with contemporary design applications. Manufactured to show the natural variation in the grains and the true beauty of the solid Oak top layer Swiss Hardwoods Herringbone Collection really is a floor for life.