The Majestic Collection from from Swiss Hardwoods comprises of a surface layer of 3-strip flooring is created by placing three strips of wood of different lengths widthwise and at random. At Swiss Hardwoods we produce 3-strip flooring configurations in a way that enhances its lively expression. Economical, visually stunning and eco-friendly. These are just some of the benefits of the Majestic Collection. Manufactured using the latest three layer engineered flooring technics to combat expansion and contraction, the flooring itself is installed quickly and easily due to the patented Uni-click locking system that are a hallmark of all Swiss Hardwoods floors. Due to the three layer construction the floor is very eco- friendly, as is the 100% natural Rubio Monocoat oil surface treatment which not only let's the floor look and feel stunning, it also let's the floor breath naturally as real wood should do. All Swiss Hardwoods floors add to in indoor air quality as they emit no VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which can be harmful to humans. Finished in eight modern and exciting colour-ways that suit multiple decors and interior combinations, the Majestic Collection is Swiss Hardwoods entry level product for a cost effective and beautiful flooring solution.